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How to Apply for the Salesperson Exam

Go to You have 2 choices for the application. You can fill out the 400A or 435A.

400A. This application will only require that you pay $60 for your testing fee. On line 9 of the application it gives you a choice to let them pick the next available day for testing or you can choose to schedule it online. Once you pass the test you will need to apply for your license using form 202, this can add 4-6 weeks.

435A. This is the fastest way to get your license. Application will require that you pay $60 for testing and $245 for your 4 year license. It is also none refundable. Part B line 1 lets you choose if you want the next available date for testing or you can schedule online.

Test dates are normally Tuesdays and Thursday. Remember to send in your 3 certificates of completions, form 237 (livescan) and form 205 citizen/ immigration declaration).

Live Scan Service
You can do your live scan before or after you take the State Exam. Fill out the 237 form for your live scan. The electronic fingerprint service provider will complete Part 3 of the form. If you choose to get your fingerprints taken before passing your examination, submit a completed copy of this form to the Bureau of Real Estate. A fee will be collected by the live scan provider $49 for the processing of your fingerprints by the Department of Justice.

Once You Pass the Examination

After you pass the examination, and if you have not filed a (435A) License Combo Application:

You will be sent a Salesperson License Application (RE 202) if you only applied for the state exam (Form 400A). This form must be completed and returned along with the appropriate fee within one year after passing the examination. A completed Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) must be submitted with the application. A license cannot be issued until BRE receives fingerprint response information. See Fingerprint Requirements for further information. You will also need to provide evidence of legal presence in the United States. See Proof of Legal Presence for further information. (Form 205).

If you filled out Form 435A you will be issued a DRE# immediately and can join a brokerage and start working! You can print your license by logging in to and going to eLicensing.

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