DRE Compliance Tips: Business Cards, “For Sale” “Open House” Directional Signs

Are you ordering new Business cards, “For Sale” “Open House” directional signs? Then you need to be aware that effective January 1, 2018 all first point of contact solicitation materials must include: 1) the name and number of the licensee. and 2) the responsible broker’s “identity,” meaning the name under which the broker is currently [...]

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Become a master of time blocking for studying, real estate prospecting, Get New Habits to Stick

Acquire new habits and unleash your success! How to become a master of time blocking for studying, real estate prospecting, get new habits to stick. Life Happens I had the opportunity to talk to real estate students from another school the other day. One of them told me that she had to pay enrollment fees [...]

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1st quarter San Diego Real Estate Market and Starting A Real Estate Career

The San Diego Association of Realtors presented the Housing Market Projection for 2016 at the 32nd San Diego County Economic Roundtable on January 14, 2016. SDAR projected that the San Diego Median Home Price would increase “4-6%”. The San Diego Housing Market would be transitioning to a “Buyers Market”, due to “More Inventory” “Market Time [...]

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A Career to Have, a Business to Own and a Life to Live

Gary Keller was convinced that if a company focused on its agents and mad resources readily available, then the agents would be able to make the company grow to new heights. It was with this thought process that Keller Williams Realty was born and since then it has forever changed the American real estate industry. [...]

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Learning How to Make A Business in Real Estate

A critical factor in realizing a successful real estate career is whether or not an agency is running their real estate career as a business. As an agent learns more and more about the real estate industry, the agent will eventually master the skills and talents necessary in order to understand how to run their [...]

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How Making a Video Can Improve Your Real Estate Career

Now, more than ever, real estate agents are turning to video in order as a competitive advantage to stand apart from other agents. In the digital age we currently live in, online videos are at an all time high and more computer users are seeking videos to help give them visual impressions on a company [...]

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Forecasts in Real Estate Leads to Growth Throughout 2014

For a number of years forecasts and predictions have been made about the current United States economy in order to determine what the best time to go selling real estate and other various properties are. It also helps determine if the job market has improved over time or not. The currently forecast prediction from the [...]

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Two Years, More Real Estate Success

There is a group of people, who specialize in real estate and the economic status of the United States, that determine based on the current trends of certain houses and various other properties being sold, whether or not there will be an increase or a decrease in the price average. This means that they can [...]

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The Deadly Dozen Secrets

So what are the dozen secrets, and what makes them so “deadly” in Real Estate? Well they are in fact the twelve basic truths about real estate that many agents, even the more experienced, may not know or may choose to ignore when focusing on their career. If you don’t realize just how useful they [...]

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How to Be Successful and Pursue Your Own Real Estate Markets

In order to become successful within any real estate market, it’s important to first know that true success depends on what goes on in the market. When the market, and the whole economy for that matter, changed back in 2007, many real estate businesses were horribly impacted, forcing many agents to leave the real estate [...]

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