Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Processing Delays and Ensuring Timely Licensing Transactions

DRE’s Licensing Program receives approximately 30,000 calls each month, many of which are from either exam/license applicants or licensees inquiring as to the status of an application they recently submitted to DRE. Whether the caller is an applicant applying for the real estate exam for the first time or a real estate broker who is attempting to add a fictitious business name to his or her broker’s license, most callers just want to know (1) that DRE has received their application and/or (2) how long it will be until their application is processed?

Below are suggestions to utilize when attempting to submit an application, confirming DRE has received your paperwork, or just putting yourself in the best position to avoid any unnecessary processing delays.

  • Use eLicensing to expedite the processing of your licensing transaction. Through eLicensing, among other things, you can schedule salesperson and broker examinations, confirm if your license has been issued, print a license certificate, change your mailing address, make broker main office address changes, change employing brokers or salespeople, renew salesperson/broker licenses, and update contact information (email address and phone numbers). You must be registered with DRE to perform eLicensing transactions. For first-time exam applicants, your application must be processed to use eLicensing. Prior to using eLicensing, you may also want to look at the “FAQs – eLicensing System.”
  • Submit your application and fee only once. Submitting multiple applications will delay processing of your application and exam scheduling.
  • To find out if your application has been received by DRE, check your bank statement or credit card statement to see if your fee has been processed. It will be helpful to know this information should you need to contact DRE.
  • Prior to mailing in an application, double-check your responses on the application and ensure all questions have been fully answered. Approximately 40 percent of all applications received by DRE include one or more deficiencies, which need to be addressed prior to the application being processed.
  • Go to our website and review the “Current Application Processing Timeframes.” These processing timeframes are updated on a weekly basis and provide the most up-to-date information as to the received date of the applications we are currently processing.
  • If you still need to speak with someone in the Licensing Program, it is recommended that prior to doing so, you have your examination or license identification number available, a copy of the information you previously submitted to DRE for reference, and a copy of the deficiency letter from DRE, if applicable.



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