Begin the New Year With Some DRE ‘Housekeeping’

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves gathered at holiday festivities, spending time with family and friends, and toasting to last year’s victories and accomplishments. Before you head out to secure that first listing of 2018, dust off the open house sign, or enter the employ of a new broker, there’s no better time to do some housekeeping to make sure your real estate information/records are current with the California Bureau of Real Estate (DRE).

Here are a few things you may want to consider:

Locate your real estate license

Whether you’re an active real estate agent or you’ve been out of the business for a while and preparing for a return in 2018, you need to know where your license is. The license certificate of a real estate salesperson must be retained at the main business office of the real estate broker to whom the salesperson is licensed. (See Commissioner’s Regulation 2753.) If you have either misplaced or are unable to locate your license certificate, you can print out a new certificate through DRE’s eLicensing online system (

Review and confirm your contact information

Every real estate broker and salesperson licensee is required to provide to the Commissioner his or her current office or mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address that he or she uses to perform any activity that requires a real estate license. (See Business and Professions Code Section 10162.) Furthermore, the statute provides that every real estate broker and salesperson licensee is required to inform the Commissioner of any changes to this information no later than 30 days after making the change. Once again, your contact information on file with DRE can be reviewed and updated using DRE’s eLicensing (, and selecting “Update Your Information.”

Review and confirm your business address

Every broker, except those acting in the capacity of a salesperson to another broker, must maintain on file with the Commissioner the address of his or her principal place of business for brokerage activities and the address of each branch business address office. Brokers working in the capacity of a salesperson to another broker must maintain on file with Commissioner the address of the business location where they expect to conduct most of the activities for which a license is required. A real estate salesperson must maintain on file with the Commissioner, when applicable, the address of the principal business office of the broker to whom the salesperson is at the time licensed. (See Commissioner’s Regulation 2715.) The easiest and most efficient way to confirm which business address you currently have on file with DRE is to access DRE’s Public License Information web page ( and view your online public license record. Once again, any changes that need to be made to your business address can be done using DRE’s eLicensing (

Check the expiration date of your real estate license

Quite often, Bureau staff receive calls from frantic licensees because they forgot to renew their license. Licenses should be renewed prior to the expiration date listed on the license; however, life certainly gets busy and you may suddenly realize your license is about to expire. Brokers and salespersons can use DRE’s eLicensing ( or submit their renewal applications 90 days prior to the license expiration date. Your renewal is considered on time if your eLicensing transaction is completed or your application is postmarked before midnight on the date your license expires.

We sincerely wishes you all the best and continued success throughout the year. Should you have any questions about Keller Williams Realty, please contact us.



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