Dual Career, Start out as a Part Time Real Estate Agent

Some new agents we coach here at the Keller Williams San Diego Metro are keeping their jobs as security when first starting out. They are starting out as a Dual Career Agent before they completely jump into real estate.

Many of our real estate school students are wondering, “Can you start out as a Dual Career Agent in San Diego, successfully?” Yes, you can! But don’t treat this career as some kind of part-time gig. Don’t become a part time real estate agent.

Because mindset is the major determinant of success in any business. Small mindset, becoming a part time real estate agent and maybe a year or two and then planning to become full time, may not get you anywhere. The reason small mindset does not lead to success is that it tends to facilitate small habits. Small mindset develops small habits that drive small models.

Keller Williams Realty is a big believer in “Think Big”. In fact, Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams Realty International and author of “Millionaire Real Estate Agent” teaches us that by focusing on Big Goals, you will be focusing on developing Big Habits that will always be appropriate to achieving your highest levels of successes. “Big Goals and Big Models have a powerful magnetic effect. They pull us through all the smaller goals along the way”.

Gary explains this magnetic effect by the story of First-time marathoners. Non-runners, people who are often not even all that fit, manage to finish a full marathon. For most people a full marathon would be daunting prospect. However, when you start with a big goal and a model to get you there, marathons are reduced to small goals along the way. They accomplish their small goals because their habits, their diet, all their training refect a much larger goal.

Don’t become a part time real estate agent. Become a Dual Career real estate agent. It doesn’t mean that you’re less qualified. It doesn’t mean you are less talented. Sure, you may face some challenges. It’s not easy to be available to show homes for your clients. Well, then hire a showing agent or team up with buyers agent. And you know what? Aren’t all big name real estate agents surround by their assistants, buyers agents, showing agents, or team members etc??

To start out as Dual Career real estate agent, you need to focus on Big Goals. If you have Big Goals, then to reach them you will begin a quest for Big Models.

Following Big Models and developing Big Habits powered by Big Goals will get you pulled right past the smaller ones – becoming full time. To get Big Models, come and get them here at Keller Williams San Diego Metro, we have training and coach for what we call Dual Career paths, or try out our Ignite Courses.



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